Kickstarter funded!

Overjoyed to report that kickstarter for The Legend of La Mariposa: The Demon Gauntlet kickstarter funded succesfully!

You can keep an eye on the project HERE as we race towards fulfilment, and if you weren’t able to make a pledge in time, don’t worry!  Once all rewards have been shipped, the books will be publicly available on THE WEBSTORE!!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this project a reality!

Demon Gauntlet Chapter 4 Begins!!

The penultimate chapter of this story starts today and I'm so hyped to show off these pages I've been working on. 

A big part of this webcomic for me has been experimentation with different processes and methods of working, and for this chapter I decided to basically draw out the whole chapter before posting it. 

This decision was reinforced by the technical issues that I had while hammering this new site together, until finally I bit the bullet and bribed my friend Katy Coope who, being a CodeLord of the highest order, naturally fixed the issue within the space of a cup of coffee.  She's been a big booster of LM from day one, to the point of being one of the first people to draw some kickass fanart which you can find in the gallery and I can't thank her enough.

Anyway, new page every Monday and Thursday!  Enjoy!


Welcome to the new home of The Legend of La Mariposa!

For the uninitiated, The Legend of La Mariposa follows the adventurers of a plucky luchadora as she journeys through a world inspired by the tropes and trappings of both classic heroic fantasy and Lucha Libre!

This website's going to serve as the nerve centre for all things LM from now on.  For those of you who prefer to read their webcomics on Tumblr, the old domain will still live on and continue to update!

Keep an eye on this blog for info regarding con appearances, signings, interviews etc.

That's all for now, go ahead and explore the site!