Demon Gauntlet Chapter 4 Begins!!

The penultimate chapter of this story starts today and I'm so hyped to show off these pages I've been working on. 

A big part of this webcomic for me has been experimentation with different processes and methods of working, and for this chapter I decided to basically draw out the whole chapter before posting it. 

This decision was reinforced by the technical issues that I had while hammering this new site together, until finally I bit the bullet and bribed my friend Katy Coope who, being a CodeLord of the highest order, naturally fixed the issue within the space of a cup of coffee.  She's been a big booster of LM from day one, to the point of being one of the first people to draw some kickass fanart which you can find in the gallery and I can't thank her enough.

Anyway, new page every Monday and Thursday!  Enjoy!